Trade Info

This part of the site provides information commonly of use for wholesale customers both on and off premises.

To purchase our wines please contact our distributors, who are:

Victoria: Miceli

Melbourne & Regional:

contact Pauline Miceli 0400 903 066

Winery: 0400 903 066


contact:Pauline 0400 903 066

New South Wales: Passion For Wine

Delivery by Fastway from Winery 1-2 businesss days

contact: David Sayce +61 2 9971 0424

ACT& South Coast: Australian Wine Archives

contact: 02 6452 7083

Queensland: Contact the winery Directly

contact: Pauline Miceli 0400 903 066

Downloadable Point of Sales Items:

These items are highly customisable, and for simplicity I have only included a certain number of examples. These examples below can be updated by request please give me a week to do this. They are given at "professional printing" resolution. Otherwise, contact us and changes can be made to sizes, the wines, prices, and even customer's logo can be added.

After customisation you can choose to print them yourself as required, or I will print and then post them to you. They are available either laminated or printed onto high quality 250gsm card. Please only order what will be needed for immediate use, as wasted consumables add to carbon pollution.

Shelf Talkers- designed to fit into the bottom of the shelf.

Table Talkers- A3 size with centre fold, 2 or 4 wines. Can put restaurant artwork on front panel in place of "Miceli" logo.

Table Talkers- vertical format 1-2 wines on each side 1/3 A4


Detailed Tasting Notes:

*Lucy's Choice Pinot Noir

*Olivia's Chardonnay

*Michael Brut

*Iolanda Pinot Grigio

*Rose Methode Champenoise

*"Dclone" Dry Pinot Rose NV


Bottle Images:

Lucy's Choice Pinot Noir (small) (large)

Olivia's Chardonnay (small) (large)

Michael Brut (.jpg)

Iolanda Pinot Grigio (small) (large)

Rose Methode Champenoise (small) (large)

D clone Dry Rose NV (.jpg)