This page contains an archive of our newsletters and tasting notes of old wines, for those who want to look at the different topics I have discussed over the years, or merely want to see whether my predictions have been close to the mark!

Newsletter Winter 2014- Seasonal effects on low fruitset, grafting

Newsletter Spring 2013 - History of Champagne - dispelling myths

Newsletter Winter 2013 - Pinot Noir Winemaking, benefit for fruit composition of low elevation southern areas versus highland vineyards

Newsletter Spring 2012 - 21st Anniversary, rationale behind narrow row spacings, and experiences learning how to manage them.

Newsletter Winter 2012- Rootstocks, Vineyard tasks in Winter, building carbon stores in the soil.

Newsletter Autumn 2012 - Palate structure of Pinot Noir, and how this relates to our winemaking practices.

Newsletter Spring 2011- Structure and tannin in white wines.

Newsletter Winter 2011 - 20th Anniversary - first installment

Newsletter Autumn 2011- Downy and Powdery Mildew

Newsletter Spring 2010 - Climate Discussion- We still need a carbon tax- despite end of the drought.

Newsletter Winter 2010 - Tasting of old wines, new vineyard progress, planting grass

Newsletter Autumn 2010- Winery energy use, grape ripening.

Newsletter Spring 2009- Soil Management, herbicide, more grafted new vines

Newsletter Winter 2009 - Drought and soils.

Newsletter Autumn 2009- Flowering and fruitset

Newsletter Spring 2008- Planting a new vineyard

Newsletter Winter 2008- Energy use in small winery

Newsletter Autumn 2008- Phylloxera (again), Dam

Newsletter Spring 2007- Soil structure and colour

Newsletter Winter 2007- Crushing, pressing white and red

Newsletter Autumn 2007- Phylloxera in Yarra Valley

Long Tasting notes of previous vintages:


Olivia's Chardonnay 2008

Olivia's Chardonnay 2007

Iolanda Pinot Grigio 2009

Iolanda Pinot Grigio 2008

Lucy's Choice Pint Noir 2007

Lucy's Choice Pinot Noir 2006

Olivia's Chardonnay 2005

Olivia's Chardonnay 2006

Olivias Chardonnay 2007