turning the first sod

Our Logo

Our Logo is derived from the soil map of our vineyard, with the red basalt soil at the top of the slope changing to chocolate duplex soil to grey sandy clay to grey granitic sandy soil. This complex arrangement of soil over such a relatively small area appears to result from our position on the edge between the "basalt slopes"and the granite outcrop which is the "peak"of Arthurs Seat.

Our area is derived from faulted and uplifted ancient volcanic flows, with the Selwyn fault, that forms the eastern edge of Port Phillip Bay being about 1.5 km from us, lying approximately along Purves Road.

We believe that our soils confer strength and character to our wines and that the variation across the vineyard is part of our character and what makes us unique. Thus our logo represents what we "are", our soils and natural environment, and then our manmade environment, as the French put it "terroir"".