D clone Dry Pinot Rose NV


Winemaker: Anthony Miceli

A wine that is blended to maintain consistency but still made in a true rose technique.

Winemaking: Pinot noir grapes are crushed and left on skins for just a day (with no fermentation) before pressing, in the style of a white wine.  This extracts from the skins only a tinge of the red colour, and avoids tannins and harshness. Some of these grapes are picked at sparkling wine ripeness to maintain higher acid levels and different fruit characters.  Ten percent of this wine is fermented in new oak adding a further dimension of complexity.  Fermented relatively warm (max 24 deg) and tank matured in contact with its fermentation lees to improve mouthfeel and develop complexity.  Approximately 10 percent of this wine was fermented in new oak.
Oak: 10% French, 90% unoaked.
Analysis: Alc 13.0  pH 3.5  T/A 7.7 Residual sugar: nil

Tasting Notes:
            Brilliant salmon  pink, with plum, strawberry and a hint of vanillan oak.  Intense and full bodied on the palate with clean acid freshness, smooth mouthfeel, and great length of flavour.

Serving:  Best enjoyed only slightly chilled it is ideal with tapas, warm salads, risotto, poultry dishes and asian foods.

Cellaring: Deliciously fruity drunk young, this wine however, has enough acid and flavour to continue to improve over at least the short term.  Bottling under Stelvin has been chosen to seal in the freshness to the maximum extent possible.

Winemaker’s Comments:
This is a serious rose, totally dry, with great depth of fruit and a clean acid finish.  This is not a “mini red wine” but more like a refreshing white wine with extra interest and depth from the red grapes.
             Rose is a style that has been underestimated in Australia, and in particular good, fully dry, rose is difficult to find.  Very careful handling, and the right grapes, is required to produce a wine with this beautiful colour and tannin levels so low that residual sugar is not required to balance the palate.


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