Michael Brut 2006

The vineyard and winery were established in 1991 by Anthony and Pauline Miceli, after a search for a cool area with suitable slopes, aspect, and soils for the production of ultimate quality wines from the Burgundian varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Pinot Grigio was added in 1997.

For Anthony this Winemaker: Anthony Miceli
Picked: 4/3/06-13/3/06
Tiraged: Kilchurn Wines, Romsey, under supervision.
Disgorged:  Recently disgorged in batches approximately 6 monthly.
Winemaking: Picked at much less than normal (Australian) ripeness (from 8-10 baume), to retain acid levels (10-15 g TA) and aiming to achieve the fine and delicate flavours that set Champagne apart from many Australian sparkling wines.  

A blend was made of Pinot Noir (38%- for palate length), Chardonnay (33%- for front palate flavour),. Pinot Gris (29%- for mid palate structure - similarly to Pinot Meunier).  Gently whole bunch pressed (both white and black grapes) in our membrane press, only the best “cut” or “cuve” is extracted.  The juice is then vigorously oxidised (at low temperature) to remove any excess tannin and any colour extracted from the Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. 
This juice for the base wine was fermented warm (25-27 deg C) to maximise vinosity rather than fruitiness.  After 6 months on fermentation lees, it was clarified and transferred to Cope Williams/Kilchurn for the tirage. 
Finally the wine is disgorged after more than 6 years maturation on lees, with enough ready for sale and the remainder to be freshly disgorged as required.
Oak: Nil
Malolactic Fermentation: 100%
Analysis: Alc 11.0 % /vol, pH 2.95, TA 9.0 g/l Sugar (doseage) 8.0 g/l
Tasting Notes:
This wine is a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay, fermented in this bottle, with yeast contact of more than 6 years.
This distinctive blend of varieties is designed to give structure and complexity and balance to the wine.

Beautifully pale with persistent fine bead, it has lovely yeastiness, lemon, honey and toast, this wine is savoury and elegant.

Michael is our only son, and it is with pride that his name is given to this wine.

The nature of  the “methode champenoise” is that the maturation takes place in bottle prior to disgorging, at which stage the wine is ready for consumption.  For those who like bottle development in the wines this wine will continue to gain richness, as does a table wine,  over 5-10 years (but at the expense of its sparkling character).
Winemakers Comments
This wine is aimed at reproducing the spectrum of flavours and palate structure of sparkling wines from Champagne.  We feel this wine is comparable in style and quality, and altogether different from most sparkling wines made  in Australia.  This is a more delicate aperitif style wine, which is very hard to find in Australia.